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I use (hand-drawn) mindmaps frequently for organizing the the noise in my head, but it's generally for my eyes only. I can't imagine trying to explain my mess of a mindmap to someone else...is that where the software comes in? I've tried mindmapping with Visio, but it seemed slower than doing it by hand.

I'd love to see a post about 'group mindmapping', since that seems like it'd be super-useful. I'm just unsure about how to differentiate between a no-holds barred brainstorm, and a more constructive mindmap session.

Geez, that's an unorganized comment. Probably should've mindmapped it first. :-)


I appreciate your insight about the need to use phrases and not just a single word. I find the "one word per branch" rule very binding and difficult. It is refreshing to find that someone else agrees with me. Your Blog is first rate. Carry on!


Lovely software..
I can express what I think.. WOW
Great work !!

Edwin -- MindVisualizer -- Mind Mapping Software

Yes, if an icon or an image is not meaningful, the audience will be confused.

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