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Marc Orchant

Brilliant post Nick! I've circulated a link to my entire team. I htink a common map marker "vocabulary" will add substantial value ot how we use maps.

iwan roberts

Any chance of a downloadable version of the example map?

(ND) Thanks Iwan - I have added a link above to a zip file download. You need MindManager X5 or X5 Pro to use this map.

Raymond Hermans

Indeed very good thing.

Now dont take this as neg comment... but didn't the software allow to add grafics in the firstplace ? I never used it but have been using Visimap for perhaps 8+ years and I think they always had the grafics option BUT indeed it is true YOU take the full credit for creating a set of icons with meaning.

Are they up for use in eg Visimap ? Under the CC-plot I read about here ( first time ).

By the way : whats your position on mindmaps created on the computer but -without- the use of specific software. This means using simple drawing software. Problem with specific software is that it is rarely available on multi-platform and that might be a big handicap. I use Windows + Pocket daily, and sometimes Linux, and then your in trouble since its impossible to update the files under the different OS's.



Nick Duffill

Ray - thanks for the comments. You are of course right that almost all mapping software has the ability to add icons or graphics. But I rarely see this feature being systematically used to enhance meaning, and the relationships between branches in a map is where the real meaning lies. I agree with you about the platform-dependence of mapping applications, but while an electronic hand drawn map (or a scanned image of a map) is great for personal use, it is much less versatile as a collaborative tool.
Regards, Nick

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