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Andreas Weinberger

Thanks a lot for this solution, I just tested it in my twoday weblog and it works just fine.

Slawek Rogulski

Hello Nick,

Very decent effort on the viewer. Is there a firefox version?

I also noticed on your map that you use noun-first descriptions of projects/tasks. For example, "Marketing Plan ready to deply". I have been trying to put the verb first as I was told that it then implies an action. So I would have said "Prepare the marketing plan for deployment". In your case is it a matter of habit, personal preference, or is there some other reason for stating the tasks as you do?



There is no Firefox version of the MindManager viewer.

Describing outcomes instead of tasks is a goal-focused way of working. Tasks are not very motivational, whereas visualising the outcome is. It also helps when planning backwards from the final end-status. Most people tend to plan forwards in terms of tasks.

Arnold Villeneuve

The new Mindsystems ThemeReader works with the MindManager Viewer so that you can create and view Thematic based mind maps of your documents without having the full MindManager product installed. Of course, if you want to change the thematic mind map you need to have the full version but for those that just want to view their documents thematic content within a mind map the Mindsystems ThemeReader is a great tool. You can try it for free for 21 days.


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