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Andrew Wilcox

Nick, as a dormant woodworker both sculptor and lathe work I would like to expand on your analogy.

I have some excellent tools both ancient and modern in my garage gathering rust and dust. Use is the only way to get value from them.

The way you work on a lathe is sometimes counter intuitive. You can learn by trial and error but you will waste a lot of wood, break tools and endanger your life. The master apprentice route is much safer and more value effective in the long term.

Buying the latest and more complicated tools is no guarantee that you will produce excellent pieces. How many hobbyists do you know with the latest and the greatest in their workshops who produce next to nothing?

It is the combination of the wood quality, tools, understanding of the customer requirement and the excellence of the craftsman that matter. Miss any of these out and you will fail.

The value of Ikea, Ercol or Chippendale is entirely dependent on the customer.

My local cabinetmaker drives a Porsche!

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