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Andrew Wilcox


Excellent summary of the situation. www.mindomo.com and www.mindmeister.com are certainly going to put the cat among the pigeons.

Most of my work on non MindManager product and service development is with partners who are spread predominantly across the UK but also the Rest of World. Working with them is going to become substantially easier as the price and complexity level for starting an on-line mind map looks like dropping significantly.

As Wallace said to Gromit - "Cracking Stuff"

Julian Elve


Picking up from your point about the "IT Police" - Mindomo doesn't quite succeed in this regard as it requires the latest version of the browser component for Flash - which appears to need admin rights to install, something which most corporate desktops don't have...

Thin (ish) client delivery is absolutely the way to go to minimise deployment problems - the challenge is to provide the rich functionalty needed for mind mapping within those limitations.

Definitely a space worth watching!

Edwin -- MindVisualizer -- Mind Mapping Software

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