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I have been looking around Resultsmanager recently, and I found a podcast on Eric Mack's blog setting up a challenge where you were going to guide him through some projects using MM and Resultsmanager. What a shame the series didn't run.
Also, I remember you did a webinar for Mindjet on MM and ResultsM. At the time I didn't appreciate what it could do, so it's a great shame MJ have removed it from their archive. I'd love to watch it again now I'm more appreciative of your expertise on the matter.


I'm smilling, while thinking that mindmapping is still trying to deliver what we need, and we don't need just or only a bunch of branches, we want more and more ... we want a merger of lots of mindmapping applications, we need to relate what was before unrelated, we need to focus on parts without loosing the whole picture, we need to be remembered, not only to remember, we need to act, to produce presentations, to perform complex calculations, to produce imaculate documents and reports, to comunicate, to plan and requesting other's inputs and actions. And we need a complete graphical visualization of the whole, of the parts and the relations between the parts, wich are not 2D, nor 3D, but nD ... that's why we need branch visualizing techniques ...


Olly - yes it is a shame, but Eric has instead focused on developing his remarkable implementation of GTD for Lotus Notes. The Mindjet Webinar was hosted on the Webex server for a while but has gone, and we were unable to save a copy of it.

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