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Andrew Wilcox

A great question to pitch to the vendors: Where are the maps on your web sites?

Creating maps which communicate beyond the original user, team or those directly involved with the content is a big challenge.

Perhaps you should not use maps to communicate but to help you to communicate e.g. write the book, prepare the presentation or publish a web site.

Perhaps you should not use maps to manage your plan but just to create the plan and make sure it is holistic.

Software based maps are great for connecting and summarising information. To communicate it perhaps they need to be connected to some text, a sound bite, a video, or another sort of diagram (flow chart, gantt chart, circuit diagram, cartographic map).

To be "read" by the intended audience they need to be readily accessible. The web browser has replaced the manuscript. Maps only work if they have access to deeper (could be another map) and related material. This needs to work as fast a book.

Show me a vendor who has their web site map as an interactive mind map?

Having said all the above, I am trying every week to publish maps which make sense to a wider audience particularly summarising events, meetings and speakers.

What frustrates me is that the extensions, addins for and developments paths of mind mapping software seem to make progress in just the direction I need to produce a better and more accessible record and then they stop. Some have stopped for years, some even approaching a decade! Where is the tool which publishes a set of linked maps to the web or PowerPoint?

What will 2010 bring?

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